The Most Haunted Hotels In America

Halloween comes and goes, but in some places — the haunting never ends. When plastic skeletons and animatronic ghouls are packed away for the year, thrill-seekers looking for a spook can spend the night with a reported real-life ghost in a haunted hotel.

The Most Haunted Hotels in America Gallery

People who check in may experience some unexplained occurrences, whether that's just a moderate flickering of lights or a faceless torso at the foot of your bed watching over you while you sleep.

You may even see the spirit of a celebrity, but we don't suggest asking for an autograph. Marilyn Monroe is known to stand behind guests in the mirror of her old suite at a hotel in Hollywood. Likewise, Sex Pistols bass guitarist Sid Vicious and his slaughtered girlfriend Nancy haunt the halls of one New York City spot.

Much as we'd like to be, we aren't formally trained ghost-busters. So, to figure out which places are most haunted, we compiled a list of locations where sightings are most often reported by hotel staff, visitors, and paranormal investigators.

If you're into things that go bump in the night — or are simply entertained by terrifying tales — read on. For those who would rather not hang out with dead people: This list could likely benefit you too, considering a handful of travelers aren't aware that these properties are occupied by the undead until after they check in to one of the most haunted hotels in America.