Grey Goose VX and 11 Other Only-in-Duty-Free Delights (Slideshow)

Finding and scoring these scarce items that can be found only in duty free shops feels like hitting the jackpot

Monteith’s Brewing Co. Beer

You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice the skyrocketing ascent of craft beer. The only problem is that by its very nature, craft or "indie" beers often can’t cross state lines. Luckily, beer giant Heineken brought small batch taste to a wider market: the duty-free shop. Try this New Zealand brew and prepare to renounce your previous favorite.

Grey Goose VX

Vodka and cognac together? It’s so crazy that it actually works seamlessly. The pioneers at Grey Goose dared to make this cross blend a reality and even used influences from both in the bottle with its cognac shape and vodka transparency. We recommend trying it at the first Grey Goose concept store at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to get the full experience.

Macanudo Melchor, Baltasar and Gaspar

Liquor may be quicker as the saying goes, but a nice cigar is in for the long haul. Whether you’re visiting a relative who’s celebrating the birth of a child or just looking for a nice stogie to enjoy with old friends, Macanudo has established itself as the it brand for modern cigar aficionados. Show off your worldliness with these handmade, Dominican varieties that are complex in taste and only available duty free.

Glenrothes Manse Brae Reserves

For the first time ever, Glenrothes has developed a range of whiskies exclusively available for travel retail, and they haven’t skimped on quality. The series of whiskies, including Sherry Cask Reserve, Manse Reserve, Elders Reserve and Minister’s Reserve, is named after the street on which Rothes House stands and has a rich and deep Scottish history. Not to mention, the bottle has an award-winning design. Good taste in more ways than one.

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Whisky Travel Range

It took 17 years for Black Rock, Gold Reef, and White Sands to reach this level of single malt perfection. This collection is inspired by its home on the island of Islay, which is often fittingly referred to as Scotland’s whisky island. Smokey notes of toffee and orange in the Black Rock, vanilla and citrus in Gold Reef, and exotic fruits in White Sands create a diverse and covetable range that any whisky lover will cherish.

JTI (Japan Tobacco International) Sheng Xiao Cigarettes

Part of the magic of traveling is discovering little-known cultural tidbits. Such as the fact that sales of duty-free items have exploded in Asia, leading many tobacco and alcohol brands to cater to this demographic specifically. Japan Tobacco International has been smart enough to develop a line of cigarettes that serve as the perfect luxurious gift for business travelers. Inspired by Chinese astrology, the attractive packaging features a design based on the corresponding animal of each year. In 2014, the Year of the Horse reigns supreme.  

Glengoyne The First Fill 25 Years

Complex, mature and encased in oak, Glengoyne has presented their 25-year single malt in the most attractive and fitting way. The rich toffee flavor and lingering aftertaste make this a must-try for liquor snobs worldwide.  

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection

The geniuses at Johnnie Walker recognized an opportunity to blend the allure of travel with the convenience and pleasure of duty-free shopping. The collection is inspired by two exotic travel routes and includes flavor profiles from each. The Spice Road, inspired by travels in Asia, has a smoky taste with notes of caramel, raisin, and a hint of apricot. The Central and Latin America-inspired Gold Route includes the subtle fruitiness of banana, pineapple, and even guava to add exotic flair.

Brugal Papá Andrés Arcos Rum

It would have to be a pretty special liquor to justify a $1,200 price tag, but this Dominican reserve rum does just that. The high price comes from its family-owned, five generation-long history and top-quality taste. The fruity blend is smooth on the palate and subtly sweet with dried fruit and caramel notes throughout. Not to mention, it comes in one of the most elegant looking decanters and packages you’ve ever seen. What’s $1,200 among friends?

Smirnoff White

The reputable vodka brand is taking smooth to the next level. This travel retail exclusive is purified and freeze-filtered at an icy negative six degrees C, which gives it a rich and silky taste like no other. And forget the simple red label packaging seen on standard vodka bottles — Smirnoff White pays tribute to the arctic conditions in which it was born with a crystallized bottom and frosted upper half. To summarize, the perfect hostess gift for an out-of-town wedding or soirée.

Absolut Karnival

The premiere vodka brand, known for its variety of flavors and artistic marketing, has turned to the energy of Brazil for inspiration. Orange blossom and passion fruit evoke the flavors of summer, but the real draw is the collector’s edition bottle. Brazilian graphic novel artist Rafael Grampá designed the festive piece and included notable characters, including a blue-faced giant.

Pernod Ricard L’Or de Jean Martell Cognac

Some truly beautiful things come in teeny, tiny packages. Don’t underestimate this mini decanter because of its 20 milliliter size. The ornate crystal bottle and 100-year-old age have earned it a $1,070 price tag in duty-free shops. Sold throughout Asia, the French brand hopes this will be the “ultimate precious gift” for travelers to take home. We can’t imagine anything better.