Get Great Deals By Planning Summer Travel To These 12 Destinations Now

It may seem early to be thinking about summer, but if you're looking for good deals then now is the time you need to start booking your trip. Of course, there will be last minute deals happening all the time — especially as hotels need to fill open rooms — but it truly depends on where you're looking to go.


Slideshow: Get Great Deals by Planning Summer Travel to These 12 Destinations Now


Places where the summer months are considered the off-season — like Miami, Las Vegas, Montego Bay, and Cancun — are ideal for snagging great deals that are rarely available any other time of year. Snowbirds are mostly gone, and while the heat can be a bit overwhelming for some (especially in Las Vegas, where temperatures can reach into the triple digits in August), it's nothing some cold water and cool air conditioning can't relieve.


With a bit of research you can find deals on trips to just about anywhere you're looking to visit, especially if you start your search now. To make finding a destination easier for you, we've gone ahead and put together a list of places and a few deals you can score if you're looking to book now.