France: Le Bonbon au Palais, A Candy Store Worth Visiting

Love Candy? Visit Le Bonbon au Palais

At Le Bonbon au Palais, great emphasis on the history behind the candy.

Georges Marques is France’s very own Willy Wonka.

He was inspired to create a 1950s-style schoolhouse that takes visitors on a sweet journey back to their childhoods with an abundance of old-fashioned treats, candied fruits, jellies, and chocolates. His store pays tribute to the beauty behind the creativity and artistic vision of candy-making in France. Marques himself carefully chooses each variety of the 200-plus candies he sets out on display in his shop, which are thoughtfully arranged in vintage apothecary jars. Marques doesn’t just look at flavors, though; he also places great emphasis on the history behind the candy.


The berlingots de Carpentras he sells, for example, are said to be have been a favorite of Pope Clement V in the fourteenth century, and more recently have been produced by the same manufacturer since 1844. A nostalgic favorite from a Frenchman’s childhood known as petit pois au lard (peas with bacon) can be found at Bonbon, as can bergamot-flavored jellies from Nancy; vibrant green marzipan with chocolate from Lyon; a specialty from the Pyrenees called Le Teton de la Reine Margot ("Queen Margot breast”), and many more confections that chronicle France’s history in sugar.