Flight Safety

How to Stay Safe on Any Flight

Your guide to a safe journey

There’s a lot that goes into flying at every stage — before, during, and after. Once you’ve made sure your passport is still viable, landed some awesomely cheap tickets, and packed your bags properly, you still have to navigate getting to the airport, checking in, and dealing with airport security. Air travel safety doesn’t end there, of course; the most important thing to remember is safety on the flight itself.

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Despite the fearmongering that often occurs along with news reports of terrifying airline incidents, air travel is actually pretty safe. It doesn’t hurt, however, to make sure you’re doing all that you can to keep yourself safe from injury or worse. There are things you can do to make sure you don’t get sick or hurt as well as precautions you can take so that you’re alert and ready in case the worst happens to the plane. These helpful and simple tips will help you learn how to stay safe on any flight.