Finally, Airplane Seats Made By A Mattress Company

Mattress company Simba Sleep teamed up with soccer player Gareth Bale to figure out how those who are constantly on the go can get the best quality of sleep. The result? The Simba Air-Hybrid, which Simba is calling "the world's most advanced airline seat promising the ultimate sleep environment for those with a demanding travel schedule." 

The company spent six months developing this concept and creating prototypes while also consulting with psychologists to ensure sleep quality. The seat is designed to recline to a zero gravity position which helps alleviate pressure and strain throughout your body. According to Simba, they are working to bring this new sleep pod — or "ultimate sleep environment," as they call it — to commercial and private airlines.

The original idea was intended to help athletes get the best sleep possible in order for them to perform at their best during the game. However, if this concept becomes a reality, it would be great for anyone on long flights for business in need of catching some sleep before a big meeting, or any other traveler who wants to be completely alert and prepared for the day once they've arrived at their destination.