A Few Quintessential Dishes From Ireland

A Few Quintessential Dishes From Ireland

Don't leave the Emerald Isle without eating Irish-raised beef, many variations of potatoes, oysters, fresh vegetables, and something chocolaty — none of which is difficult to find.

"Chocolate Mousse Construction"

Marlfield House is the kind of place where one would be happy just unplugging, chilling, and reading books. And eating this sinful chocolate dessert.

Freshly Picked Flowers and Vegetables

Farm-to-table dining isn't all the rage; it's what has been practiced in Ireland for centuries.

Freshly Shucked Oysters

Judge Roy Bean in Dublin is located at the bottom of Grafton Street. Go for the wide assortment of beers on tap, excellent oysters, perfectly crispy "chips" (fries), and live music.

Potatoes Three Ways

You haven't truly experienced Irish food if you haven't eaten potatoes at least three different ways. Do it simultaneously at the Ballymore Inn.

Steak with 100 Percent Irish Beef

Eat soulful Irish cooking in the charming, rustic dining room at the Ballymore Inn.