This Fascinating Infographic Compares Fast Food Portion Sizes Around The World

Ever try fast food abroad? If you have, there are probably a few things you noticed. On one hand, as we've shown, there are some crazy foods abroad that we in the states have never tried, seen, or even heard about in some cases. Different tastes in different countries leads to different menu items.

On the other hand, many orders are remarkably standardized around the world. A Big Mac in China looks an awful lot like an American Big Mac, and fries at almost every chain are basically uniform across the board.

Or are they?

As this interesting infographic from CompareTheMarket and Builtvisible shows, all fast foods are not created equal — even if they look alike and are called the same thing. The reason is portion size. Take the first section at the top featuring comparisons of KFC's original recipe sandwich. At 139 grams in weight (and 411 calories), Japan clearly has the one of the smallest versions in the world. The next largest is Australia, at 181 grams. Oddly, although this Aussie sandwich is 42 grams bigger, it actually has 13 fewer calories than Japan's.

Looking at McDonald's, the opposite is true, as Japan actually has the largest medium-sized fries. At Burger King (aka Hungry Jack, the name used in Australia), Japan's Whopper is the second smallest — 12 grams smaller than Canada, home of the largest burger — yet still contains 80 more calories than the version served by our neighbors to the north.

The infographic also contains comparisons for Subway, Krispy Kreme, and Boost Juice.