Escape to Mozambique’s White Pearl Resorts in Ponta Mamoli

Unwind and indulge at one of Mozambique’s most treasured luxury resorts

Like Bob Dylan, wouldn't you like to spend some time in Mozambique?

World-class beaches and resorts abound along central and northern Mozambique’s coastline, tending to steal the limelight from some very worthy destinations due south of the country. Paradise seekers willing to take the road less traveled will discover a comparable paradise at the White Pearl Resorts in Ponta Mamoli, one of Mozambique’s most southerly and stellar luxury beach resorts.

Located along a remote stretch of golden sands, White Pearl Resorts is nestled onto a towering, flora-smothered dune with 21 private suites overlooking unspoiled beach and bush. The resort exudes modern and casual sophistication in its well-appointed suites, communal spaces, elevated dark wood walkways, and overall atmosphere — an optimal choice for travelers who prefer their luxury more easy breezy than hoity-toity. However, luxury is still luxury. Each suite comes with a private plunge pool, outdoor shower, a generous beach-facing deck with plush lounge chairs, and a private on-call butler to meet your needs during your stay.

Arriving can be half of the thrill, as guests can opt for helicopter transfers from nearby Maputo International Airport. In 30 breathtaking minutes, you’ll drive past the skyline of Mozambique’s capital city, perhaps spot ambling zebras and elephants above the vast Maputo Special Reserve, and dramatically approach White Pearl Resorts surrounded by the Indian Ocean’s aquamarine waters and the landscape’s lush rolling hills.

Enthusiasts of seafood and local flavors will rejoice in White Pearl’s flexible dining program, which combines modern cooking with traditional Mozambican favorites. Mozambique native Ananais Chambule steers the ship as the resort’s head chef, delivering a refreshing authenticity to its offerings. The menu allows for some delightfully bespoke meal experiences. In one day, eat a generous, tiered breakfast tray of charcuterie, pastries, yogurt, and fresh fruit with fellow guests in the hotel’s airy, all-glass dining room; or lunch on lime and whiskey prawns or traditional Cataplana stew of mussels, chorizo, prawns, and prosciutto on their sleek Beach Bar balcony. Those on romantic vacations can enjoy a decadent seafood platter of fresh-caught prawn, line fish, and calamari at a private three-course dinner on your suite’s deck.

You can make your stay as immersive or as secluded as you'd like, as sedate or as thrilling you’d prefer. There are many activities for the adventurous guest(s) wanting to take the plunge. Gallop through wild bush country or endless expanse of remote beach; snorkel on an Ocean Safari where you’ll encounter coral-lined waters replete with fish and resident bottlenose dolphins yards away from the resort; if you’re a PADI-certified guest, take an exhilarating Pinnacle Reef dive among the sharks and other exciting sea life. Between November and February, the resort’s location hosts a migration of nesting loggerhead and leatherback turtles along the beach, providing a natural spectacle for guests several months out of the year. White Pearl Resorts also offers a “Cultural Town Tour” in the rural Ponta Mamoli neighborhood, as well as spa treatments in a high-perched suite with sweeping vistas.


Head to White Pearl Resorts solo, with family, or coupled; whichever arrangement you choose, you will surely delight in a rare, treasured find in southern Africa.