Elixir Of Life: 5 Beer Spa Treatments

So, apparently, beer is good for you. "Hooray!" cry the masses — but hold those horses. It's not drinking the stuff that is great for your skin and hair, but bathing in it, like some sort of glorious beer queen. This is no joke. Apparently, lounging around in bubbly hops has a whole wealth of benefits, from skin rejuvenation to detoxification.

Unfortunately, filling your bathtub with beer and jumping in it like the frat boy you are at heart won't have the same effect as a high-end beer spa treatment. Here are some of the world's best beer spas that are worth getting off the sofa for.

Adventure Brew Hostel, La Paz, Bolivia

Since La Paz is the world's highest capital city, it seems only fair to say that this is the world's highest beer spa. On the rooftop of the Adventure Brew Hostel you can hop in the beer spa for free — as long as you buy a jug of beer — and while away the afternoon with one of the best views in town, up to your chin in hops!

Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Opting for the Mexican beer and lime facial at the Esperanza is like lounging in a classic gentleman's club and sipping on a Corona by the beach at the same time. Beer is combined with egg yolks and other natural ingredients before being plastered all over your face. Apparently, this beer face mask is ideal for plumping your skin and tightening those pores!

Four Seasons Resort Vail, Colo., United States

The spa at the Four Seasons in Vail teamed up with local Crazy Mountain Brewing Company to create a whole new treatment menu made out of beer, from foot baths with crushed hops to a stout scalp treatment that moisturizes and balances your pH levels. Prices start at $45.

Spa Beerland, Prague, Czech Republic

Below the streets of Prague hides a little piece of beer heaven. With two private spas, you can lounge the night away in a steaming tub of beer while pouring yourself endless pints of Pilsner. Spa Beerland is just minutes from Charles Bridge, and the treatments come complete with your own bed of straw to cool off on when you're done. Be sure to book in advance!

Starkenberger Brewery, Tarrenz, Austria

Much better than a spa, the Starkenberger Brewery, a castle high in the Tyrolean mountains, houses seven beer-filled swimming pools in its 700-year-old castle vaults. One of the pools is made up of over 42,000 pints of the good stuff. Remember, drinking from the pool is not recommended — order from the well-stocked bar instead.