Drink A Beer For A Buck: 11 Countries With The Cheapest Suds (Slideshow)

Drink a Beer for a Buck or So: 11 Countries With the Cheapest Suds

There is nothing like an ice cold beer while you're traveling overseas — especially one that costs a dollar or less.

Czech Republic

If you have a pulse, chances are you want to visit Prague. The city's multicolored buildings and medieval cobblestone streets have drawn an increasing number of tourists over the past decade and have led travel mags and bloggers to dub it the "new Paris." While the food here isn't on par with that of, say, France (sorry, Czech Republic), the beer more than makes up for it. The Czech Republic hosts one of the best climates for hops and brewing, and fresh, tasty pints run only $1.40 at restaurants.


China consumes the most beer in the world. A typical pint out will run you $1.30, while vendors and markets will sell you a liter (!) for under $1. China also produces some of the world's most popular beers: Snow, Tsingtao, and Yanjing. Although we'd like to remind you that "most popular" does not equal "most delicious" (re: watery Yanjing).


We know: the war-torn country might not be top on your travel wish list at the moment. But we're hoping conflict settles soon because, first of all, world peace, and second, Ukraine offers some of the world's cheapest beer: under $1 in a restaurant( and just 59 cents in the market if you are curious).

Latin America: Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba

If you're in the North America, you should consider heading south. Latin American countries Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Cuba all make the top 10 of Numbeo.com's list of cheapest beers, all for just $1. (College students seeking Spring Break destinations next year, this one's for you — though travel restrictions do apply in the case of Cuba.)

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, also referred to as Burma, has garnered major attention in the years since opening its borders to tourists just a couple of years ago. Myanmar is teeming with beautiful temples and incredible cuisine, and its beers deserve some attention, too. A pint here will run you $1.


Speaking of islands, beer in Madagascar is also just $1. The ruggedly beautiful country off the eastern coast of Africa is a haven for wildlife lovers, and apparently beer lovers, too.


Cambodia is yet another Southeast Asian country with both low beer prices ($1) and incredible attractions, most notably the stunning, spectacular Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap (think Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider). The country is sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, which makes it a logical — and popular — stop on tours of Southeast Asia.


Average price for a pint of beer at a restaurant here? Just 94 cents, although prices dip even lower if you buy from a street stall or supermarket. Not to mention, the Vietnamese won't judge if you overindulge; in fact, locals here love to chant "one, two, three!" before chugging pints.


Beautiful beaches? Picturesque rice paddies? Insanely cheap beer? Check, check, and check. While the Philippines' gorgeous island scenery and major cities attracted over 2 million international tourists last year, its beer is worth mentioning, too: just 92 cents at your average restaurant. (Although we think grabbing a pint on a beach is a better idea.)