Disneyland's New Ronto-Less Garden Wrap Is The Best Bite In Galaxy's Edge

In September, Disney announced that it would be rolling out hundreds of new vegan dining options. And while we've already seen the new dishes across Walt Disney World, there's a new plant-based option at Disneyland that we're kind of obsessed with. Ronto's Roasters in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is now selling a Ronto-less Garden Wrap.

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The Ronto-less Garden Wrap features a plant-based sausage, spicy kimchi slaw, sweet pickled cucumber and Gochujang spread, all wrapped up in pita bread and eaten like a taco.

We had the opportunity to try a sample version of the new vegan wrap during a plant-based dinner hosted by Disneyland, and frankly, we think this new Ronto-less dish is better than its pork counterpart, the Ronto Wrap. The plant-based sausage had a nice texture and spicing that reminded us a bit of falafel. The kimchi slaw and Gochujang spread packed a lot of punch without being too intense for those who are wary of spicy foods. It's more flavorful than anything else. The sweet pickled cucumbers rounded the dish out, adding a nice crunch and a bit of a cooling element against the bolder sauce and kimchi. While we do love the OG Ronto Wrap, the pork sausage can overpower the rest of the components. This plant-based version, however, is very well balanced.

The Ronto-less Garden Wrap is exclusive to the West Coast's Galaxy's Edge. You can find it at Ronto's Roasters during lunch and dinner hours, and it costs $12.99.

This menu item is just one of several new editions to Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge offerings, which also include Chocolate Popcorn with Crait Red Salt ($6.49) at Kat Saka's Kettle, cinnamon-sugar chicharrones dubbed Kyryll Pork Rinds at Ronto's Roasters ($7.49) and the Happabore Sampler with cured meats and cheese at Oga's Cantina ($21). And once you're done trying all these fun, new snacks, reward yourself with one of Disney's most iconic treats.