Disney World's New 'Aladdin'-Themed Doughnut Is Worthy Of Your Wish

You've never had a doughnut like this! Ahead of the release of the live-action remake of "Aladdin" on May 24, Walt Disney World is celebrating the best way it knows how: with a special doughnut! The Wish Granted Donut is on sale now at the Sunshine Tree Terrace in the Magic Kingdom, and honestly, we need our own genie ASAP to transport us back to Orlando so we can have this treat again.

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This doughnut is as glittery and sparkling as anything you would find in the Cave of Wonders. Shimmering gold sprinkles cover the doughnut, which is topped with a milk chocolate lamp and blue cotton candy to mimic Genie coming out of his home.

Of course, this new treat is totally Instagrammable, but the flavor is also appealing to princesses and streetrats alike. The pastry is a flaky vanilla doughnut topped with a sweet vanilla icing. It's a classic reimagined, kind of like the new "Aladdin" film itself.

The Wish Granted Donut will be available at the Sunshine Tree Terrace from May 1 until June 30. And honestly, if we wandered into a cave of wonders and found a mysterious, illustrious golden lamp that revealed a magical genie who could make just three wishes come true, we would definitely use one of those wishes to get this doughnut along with some of Disney's other iconic theme park snacks.