Discover The Culinary And Creative World Of Canal St-Martin

It goes without saying that Paris, home to restaurants like L'Arpège, Epicure at Le Bristol, Le Meurice, and Taillevent, is one of the culinary capitals of the world. Yet we all know the city of love is as trendy as it is delicious.

The Daily Meal put together a list of the best hipster cities for food. In order to compile our list of the best hipster cities around the world for food, we first looked at cities around the world that have been named to many "best hipster city" lists. From there, we cross-referenced best hipster cities with best cities around the world for food to see which cities fell under both categories. We also looked at some other important factors, like whether these cities feature any Michelin-starred restaurants or restaurants that have received tremendous accolades and praise in press around the world. We looked at some of the chefs living and working in these cities (René Redzepi, we're looking at you) to see which top talents are turning up the heat in their kitchens.

Paris made the cut, as its Canal St-Martin neighborhood is among one of the most hipster neighborhoods on earth.In fact, Vogue named the Parisian neighborhood Canal St-Martin as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the world, up there with neighborhoods found in other hipster cities on our list including Brooklyn, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Mexico City, and Singapore. Come the summer months you'll find locals hanging along the canal having picnics or just enjoying the warm weather. There are a some incredibly great boutique stores in this neighborhood, including Agnes B and Antoine et Lili. Looking to dine after spending a day at the shops? Head to L'hotel du Nord, Chez Prune, or Le Comptoir Général for some of the area's best food. Choose the legendary hotel du Nord or Chez Prune to see and be seen, or Le Comptoir Général for a more laid-back night. Paris, we knew we loved you.