The 15 Dirtiest Places On An Airplane

With all the stress of packing, long lines, unpacking, and other traveling tedium, you're probably not prioritizing sanitation when you board an airplane. You're just trying to make it to your seat intact before you're run over by the boisterous family of five waiting in line behind you.

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But an airplane is one of the places you're most likely to get sick while traveling. Hundreds of people are piled into a compact cabin just minutes after hundreds of other people walked out — it's a setup for germ disaster.

Passengers' hands touch the windows, the seats, the overhead bins, and so much more. When germs hit a surface, they can remain alive there for hours, and in some cases days. That's days of germy pileup waiting for you as you board.

Then, once you've touched everything, you sit down and touch your face, touch your eyes, and dig in to the complimentary snacks without thinking twice. This is where people go wrong and often get sick. But if you know where germs are lurking, you can take the appropriate steps to be cautious and keep infectious germs at bay. Here are the 15 dirtiest places on every airplane.

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