Delta Airlines Will Now Serve Free Prosecco on International Flights

Clink clink!

Delta Airlines has announced that they will be serving prosecco for free on all of their international flights. Although many airlines offer things like free Champagne to their first class passengers, Delta will be offering this beverage to the whole plane no matter where you sit.

This past summer, the sparkling beverage was only offered to first class and Delta Comfort+ passengers, but now it will be available to all, making your international flight a little more festive.

“Sparkling wine is often the first choice for a celebration and we know how special it is for people to jet off on a trip so we wanted to bring the celebration to them,” Said Lisa Bauer, Delta’s vice president of on-board services, via a press release.

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Delta is not skimping on the perks. The airline now offers a free app called Gogo that allows passengers to text in air, and they have partnered with Alessi for one-of-a-kind in-flight serviceware. Clearly they want you to feel like you’re in first class, even if you can’t enjoy the best first class airline foods.