Day Tripping To Dominican Republic's Most Beautiful Beach, Playa Rincón

One of the most memorable parts of my trip to the Dominican Republic was our group's excursion to Playa Rincón, facilitated by Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts through Coming2. The adventure to our ultimate destination allowed us to see firsthand how the locals live and gave us the opportunity to interact with them as we toured through their homes and property.

Our first stop was a community in the rural part of Santa Barbara de Samaná. As we walked through the lush, green area, we were accompanied by our tour guide, as well as two adorable, younger boys who seemed quite excited to have new company. I was fascinated by how much produce grows naturally in the region — pineapples, avocados, cacao pods, mangos, coconuts, coffee, banana bunches... it was incredible. There were pig pens, chicken coops, a huge iguana pit that served as a tourist attraction, and colorful homes which sprinkled the property. Everyone we met was so kind, generous, and happy.

Our next stop was a visit to the family-owned fruit shop called Parada Pichichen, though it's also known as Maradona because it's said that the owner looks like Maradona, the soccer/football player. This fruit shop was phenomenal — literally tons of the freshest fruit I'll probably ever taste! Basically every type of produce and fruit you can imagine was for sale (except berries). In the back they also freshly ground cacoa and coffee beans, and had bottles liquors and mamajuana wines.

Once we hopped back on our RV tour bus, we continued to make our way to the beach through villages and secluded tropical forests, riding on unpaved, pothole-laden, bumpy roads. It's an extremely rough ride. That said, as long as you don't get car sick, you'll be fine. As soon as you finally get a glance of the gorgeous, turquoise, clear water, you know this is going to be an amazing experience.

Playa Rincón is widely known as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The powdery-white sand stays pristine probably because the only way to get to this remote paradise is by driving on the one rocky road that leads there. Located at the base of Bahía de Rincón, surrounded by coconut palms and mountainous terrain, this beach's warm water and gentle waves are perfect for splashing around in.

Whether looking for sea shells, sand dollars, and tropical fish (which I certainly did), snorkeling, or simply soaking in the sun, Playa Rincón is ideal. The beach also has a small freshwater stream, Cano Frio, which forms a natural border between the beach and the edge of the mountainous Cabo Cabrón National Park. The beach is sparse of people —  ideal for wanting to escape everyone and everything. No crowds, noise, or pollution. You can also rent beach chairs, but there's really no need.

After hours in the sunshine, we were treated to a beautiful, freshly prepared meal just steps away from the beach. The family who prepared this feast is known as Bochela, while the name of the restaurant is Brasa del Mar. Though lobster is considered a luxury in most places, the decadent crustacean is plentiful on this island. Our beachside lunch featured grilled whole lobster, fried plantain chips, sweet mango chunks, coconut bread, and rice and beans. And of course, ice cold Presidente beers to wash it all down.

Before we headed back, I decided to take advantage of the guided horseback riding on the beach. Going horseback riding along the insanely picturesque shore of Playa Rincón was like a dream. I actually felt like I was on some type of luxury resort commercial! Despite not being totally comfortable horseback riding, taking a 15-minute ride clomping through the refreshing water and scenery of the Dominican Republic was unbelievable.

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