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12 Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

When preparing for a trip, it can be tough to figure out what to bring and what not to bring with you. You have the basic list (clothes, shoes, toiletries, passport, etc.), and if you're savvy enough, you'll know to bring other essentials such as a first aid kit or a portable charger. The travel industry, however, has grown exponentially in the past decade, and so has the market for travel gadgets along with it. You'll find all kinds of accessories addressing all kinds of needs for your journey, and it can often be hard to determine which ones are worthwhile.

When considering which travel gadgets might suit your needs, we recommend not judging a book by its cover. For example, the perfect neck pillow to help you sleep on the plane might look completely ridiculous, and a caddy to hold your drink at the airport may seem nonessential but can be super handy when you need a place to put your coffee as you're struggling to get to your gate in time. For a smoother and more enjoyable trip, consider these 12 travel accessories that may be more useful than you would have thought.

A Bag for Your Wine

Wine lovers don't have to wait for a nice sit-down dinner to enjoy their favorite varietal. A wine bag is a portable and safe way to bring along something to drink for a picnic or beach trip, and the Menu Baggy Winecoat can be filled with any beverage you like, with room for a cold pack if you want it chilled.

A Drink Caddy for Your Luggage

Airports can have some great food and drink, and sometimes you feel like taking something to go. It can be hard to juggle a coffee and all your suitcases, however, so the Freehand Travel Luggage Drink Holder is a small and simple way to make sure you can keep it within reach.

A Neck Pillow for Your Whole Head

Neck pillows are a great thing to pack when traveling, especially for a restful sleep on the plane. But how about a whole head pillow? While the Ostrich Pillow may look a bit goofy, it's a great way to block out light and sound while taking a nap in a cozy cocoon.

A Scarf That Doubles as a Hiding Spot for Valuables

A scarf is one of the smartest things you can pack, and the Sholdit is especially versatile. The infinity scarf has a hidden pocket, perfect for hiding your phone, cash, passport or ID, and any other important items you want to keep safe.

A Totally Portable Laundry System

It's not a good idea to pack every piece of clothing you may possibly want to wear while traveling. It can, however, be hard to get hold of a laundry machine and dryer or even find the time to use them. That's why a Scrubba Wash Bag can be super useful; a five-ounce bag with nodules on the inside, it can be used as a kind of washboard and then later as a dry-bag.

Door Security for Every Accommodation

Even if you're staying at a top-rated Airbnb home, you don't have the same security benefits as a hotel. That doesn't mean you should rule it out, however. No matter what accommodation you're staying in, the Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Guard Alarm will help you feel extra secure. Easily installable and removable, the alarm has an LED light sensor that triggers an alarm so that you can sleep soundly.

Laundry Soap Sheets for Your Portable Laundry System

Whether you're using a wash bag or a full laundry machine, you may not want to take along laundry detergent due to space concerns or the risk of it spilling all over your luggage. That's why Travelon's Laundry Soap Sheets are perfect for a trip where you might want to give your clothes a quick wash, either to handle a spill or just so you can wear them again.

Organizers to Make Packing Easier

You can fit a lot more in your suitcase if you organize and arrange your belongings well. Luggage organizers can help make it easier to not only fit everything you need but also find it as you're unpacking your suitcase. Bago has packing cubes that are perfect for this, and a set that includes two large and two medium bags (as well as half a dozen zip bags) should be perfect for your clothes, toiletries, and other travel needs.

The Tiniest Steam Iron You Can Find

A mini fabric steamer is a great way to make sure your clothes stay pressed and fresh no matter where you are, but believe it or not, you can still take an iron along with you on your travels too. Steamfast's Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron is the tiniest iron you can find, perfect for hiding inside your suitcase and whipping out for a quick iron whether you're at the airport or about to head out from your hotel.

These Tags to Keep Track of Your Stuff

Travel can be hectic and stressful, what with navigating airports or stations, surviving long flights, making sure you have all the right documentation, and keeping track of your belongings. You don't have to worry about that last part, however thanks to Tile Mate. Attach this small Bluetooth tracker to your keychain, wallet, or any other small valuables you want to make sure you don't lose sight of. If you can't find something, all you need to do is use your smartphone to track it down. Can't find the phone itself? You can just press the button on the Tile Mate tracker to make your phone ring, even if you've turned the ringer off.

This Flask That’s Also a Flashlight

A flashlight is a good thing to have on you during your travels; so is a flask. The VSSL Flask can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite drink and also holds a custom bottle opener and two stainless steel collapsible shot glasses, and the end cap even doubles as a compass. It's even more subtle than a hairbrush flask!

This Pen That’ll Let You Drink Water Anywhere

It's important to stay hydrated while traveling, and drinking water is of course, the best way to do so. With the SteriPen Ultra, you can ensure hydration no matter where you are. Even if you're in the great outdoors where your only water source is a river or stream or in a country that's known to have less than stellar water quality, this water wand utilizes ultraviolet light rays to destroy 99.99 percent of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in clear water. It's quick and efficient too; it can sterilize 16 ounces of water in less than a minute, and one charge should give you about 40 treatments. For more great tips on how to survive and enjoy a great vacation, check out these travel hacks that will save you both time and money.

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