Chocolate Factory Seeks Real-Life Willy Wonka for New Chocolate Taster Job


Chocolate Factory Seeks Real-Life Willy Wonka for New Chocolate Taster Job

Mackie’s chief chocolate taster will need the commitment “to taste, test, lick and sook a flowing supply of chocolate”

Mackie’s of Scotland, a Scottish snack company, is seeking the right chocolate lover to take on what is arguably the most covetable job in the world — professional chocolate tasting.

Mackie’s, which will open a chocolate factory in April 2016, is looking to hire its own Willy Wonka, with a greater chocolate endurance than the average mortal.

Mackie’s has launched a competition to find its Wonka, in which candidates are asked to submit their single most inventive idea for a new chocolate bar, with a deadline of 12 noon on December 3. The top four finalists will be invited to prove their taste testing skills, after which the participants will be narrowed to the final two.

“Anyone can apply of all ages,” Mackie’s marketing director, Karin Hayhow, told ABC News. “The minimum required is that you have a mouth and a love for chocolate.”

The final decision will then be left up to the public, via Mackie’s Facebook page. Fans will be invited to vote on the person with the most creative chocolate bar concept, thereby choosing the person who will become Mackie’s chief chocolate taster.

The position will last a year and will include a steady supply of Mackie’s chocolate, flexible hours, and the ability to “work from home,” and a bonus if and when your chocolate invention proves to be a big seller.