Chocolate-Covered French Fries Headed To McDonald's Japan

Chocolate-covered French fries are headed to McDonald's in the world's capital of food innovation — Japan, of course. According to Rocket News 24, the upcoming "McChocolate Potatoes," as they've been named, will go on sale on January 26 for a limited time, for approximately $3 USD.

The unusual take on McDonald's classic fries will feature a drizzling of both white and milk chocolate.

Presumably, the sweet and savory combination is some kind of Valentine's Day promotion, as McDonald's is scheduled to stop selling them after mid-February. The fries might not be beloved by all, but then again, they might offer the same strange satisfaction one gets from dipping a Wendy's fry into a Frosty.

On another note — if, for whatever reason, you can't snag a trip to a Japanese McDonald's by Valentine's Day, you might be interested to know that White Castle is hosting its 25th annual Valentine's Day dinner, featuring tableside service. Like so many restaurants on this romantic holiday, you will need to make reservations ahead of time.