Chocolate Candy Bars Worth Traveling For

These will have you saying 'Break me off a piece of that chocolate bar!' in a number of languages. A chocolate bar that you can't forget, that lingers on your taste buds, is worth traveling thousands of miles for.

Kinder Schokolade — Germany

A combination of milk chocolate and a creamy milk filling gives this German chocolate bar a smooth, milky taste. Though this bar is marketed toward children ("kinder" in German), grownups can't get enough of it either.

Beng-Beng — Indonesia

Beng-Beng, a crunchy wafer covered in crisped rice and coated in layers of caramel and chocolate, and its hazelnut equivalent, is a popular chocolate bar in Indonesia.

Cherry Ripe — Australia

Australia's oldest (since 1924) and most popular chocolate bar Cherry Ripe, produced by Cadbury Australia, is made of cherries and coconut coated in dark chocolate.

Plopp — Sweden

Its name might not be very appealing, but Plopp's soft caramel center and creamy milk chocolate coating is irresistible to Swedes.

Crunchie — United Kingdom

Filled with honeycomb and toffee, a Crunchie bar is a favorite sweet treat all over the United Kingdom.

Mr. Big — Canada

Mr. Big — the largest candy bar by Cadbury, equaling two standard-sized bars, or 20 centimeters long — is a layered vanilla wafer with caramel, peanuts, and crisped rice covered in chocolate, and is popular in Canada. Other varieties are Mr. Chew, Mr. Big Fudge, and Mr. Big with maple.

Peppermint Crisp — South Africa

Made with mint-flavored toffee coated in milk chocolate, Peppermint Crip is worth making the trip to South Africa.

Mandelstang — Norway

Invented in 1897, Mandelstang is one of Norway's oldest chocolate bars, and its recipe hasn't changed a bit, consisting of vanilla fondant covered in dark chocolate and topped with almond pieces.

Sublime — Peru

This crunchy bar by Nestlé made simply with peanuts and milk chocolate just can't be beat.

Mighty Perky Nana — New Zealand

New Zealanders go bananas for Mighty Perky Nana, a chocolate bar made of banana-flavored nougat and coated in milk chocolate.

Atlas — Korea

Biting into an Atlas bar from Korea is like biting into a cloud if clouds were made of peanuts covered in caramel and milk chocolate.