Catch Your Own Fish, Then Eat It At This Tokyo Restaurant

At a Tokyo restaurant chain called Zauo, guests can simulate their own episode of Man vs. Wild — that is, without the actual survival threat or having to cook their own dinner. Guests are seated on a mock boat next to a long open-top "moat" tank filled with fish. Once they catch their desired fish, the fish is prepared for dinner by the chef and brought to the guests' tables.

It's slightly cheaper to catch a fish than to simply order it off the menu in order to encourage eating "fresh, flavorful fish." For example, a red snapper's regular price is 3,360 yen (a little over 27 USD), but catching it decreases the price to 2,499 yen (a little over 20 USD). Fishing rods are free, and bait costs between 100 and 200 yen (less than one or two dollars). It's no worries for guests who are new to fishing — if they need help, the staff will offer a few pointers.

The fish guests' catch can be grilled, boiled, deep-fried, or made into sushi or sashimi, and there's also the option of preparing one fish in two different ways. The restaurant chain even offers sushi-making classes for children.