Catch Your Own Fish Dinner, Build Your Own Omelette, and Fill Your Own Cocktail Shaker at Hawks Cay Resort

The resort in the Florida Keys offers a variety of dining options, some with hands-on guest participation

Enjoy fresh stone crab claws when they're in season. 

Located on one of the largest islands in Duck Key, Florida, Hawks Cay is a treat for the senses. During my three-day stay at Hawks Cay Resort, I was able to sample the many culinary delights that were available. While most activities are only accessible to guests, all of the resort’s restaurants, including Angler & Ale, Alma, and Ocean are available to both local residents and visitors.

Upon our arrival, we entered the expansive lobby, filled with natural light streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows, and were checked in by the staff with a smile.

Catch Your Own Fish Dinner, Build Your Own Omelette, and Fill Your Own Cocktail Shaker at Hawks Cay Resort (Slideshow)

After we had settled into our rooms, we convened at Alma’s bar to start with some light and fruity early evening cocktails before touring the resort, including the kid and family-friendly pools, the saltwater lagoon, and the coveted (and almost hidden) adult pool area reserved for those 21 and older. While the pool areas require plastic-only drink ware, I was impressed and excited to see filtered water stations conveniently spread throughout the resort for easy refills of glasses or bottles.

For our first meal during our stay, we had a relaxing dinner at the casual Angler & Ale restaurant. While their menu covers well-prepared standards like salads, burgers, and chicken, the real highlights involve the seafood. We found ourselves quickly moving into “Island Time” as we enjoyed delicious appetizers, cocktails, and desserts with our main dishes and while relishing the calm, slightly cool evening breeze coming off of the docks.

The next morning we found ourselves back on the docks bright and early to enjoy Hawks Cay’s “Hook N Cook” experience. This experience allows residents and guests to bring their fresh catch to be cleaned and prepared later in the day by the chef. Having tried it out first hand, I have to say, there’s nothing more enjoyable than fresh fish you caught yourself — especially when you don’t have to fuss over it afterwards!

As we settled into the relaxing pace at Hawks Cay, we enjoyed our lunches right off the pool at the Beach Grill and Tiki Bar.  We also discovered that tropical cocktails could be enjoyed either by the glass or with the purchase of a large shaker bottle, which could be refilled and reused throughout our stay for a reduced refill rate. Breakfast could be sent directly to our rooms, but we found that we could also enjoy our meals in the spacious Ocean restaurant, which was open for breakfast from 7 to 11 a.m. before reopening for dinner at 5:30 p.m.

For our final evening, we dined at Alma. Sporting exquisitely plated, Latin-inspired dishes with Caribbean flair, Alma is perfect for a low-fuss fine dining experience. Because Alma is located within an island resort, guests and visitors can be comfortable in both formalwear or smart casual — just don’t walk in right off the docks in flip-flops and tank tops!


Along with the many activities available for every type of vacationer — from families looking for kid-friendly events to couples looking for a relaxing weekend — Hawks Cay provides delicious meal options to fit every need!