Caribbean Food: 5 Best Things to Eat in the Dominican Republic

An array of delicious Caribbean food can be found in Dominican Republic

: The Caribbean food scene is not one to be overlooked.

If you are heading to the Caribbean, you are likely traveling for the warm sun and beaches; however, the Caribbean food scene is not to be overlooked. Caribbean food is a blend of different cultures from around the world. With African, East Indian, Arab, European, Amerindian, and Chinese influences mixed into one big pot, Caribbean food recipes are sure to leave your taste buds somehow both satisfied and wanting more.

Like in Aruba and Belize, an array of delicious Caribbean found can be found in Dominican Republic, a popular holiday destination for many of those living on the East Coast.  The Caribbean food scene thrives in the Dominican Republic, with traditional Caribbean food recipes present in both the restaurant scene and home cooking.

One of the dishes to try when visiting the Dominican Republic is guanimos, or tamales. Also another Dominican staple is mangu, which is made from boiled, green plantains that are mashed together and commonly eaten for breakfast.

Also popular in Puerto Rico, tostones are a must-try dish when visiting the Dominican Republic, as they are a common street food snack. One of the most common dishes eaten across the Dominican is la bandera, which means the flag, or a lunch that consists of rice, red beans, and meat.


Lastly, you should be sure to try some mondongo, a beef tripe soup.