Beyond Gingerbread: 11 Holiday Cookies From Around The World

There isn't a better treat to complement a glass of eggnog than a warm gingerbread cookie. The smell of cinnamon is a sweet reminder of holiday cheer and the warmth that comes with being with loved ones. Around the world, cookies are also a holiday treat, and different cultures enjoy their own traditional cookies.

Beyond Gingerbread: 11 Holiday Cookies from Around the World (Slideshow)

Gingerbread cookies are traditionally baked around the holidays in America (and in some other countries as well), whether we're leaving them for Santa or baking them for ourselves. But beyond these classic confections, other countries have their own recipes for holiday cookies.

Mailänderli, a lemon-flavored shortbread cookie, is a holiday cookie in Switzerland that is usually cut into all shapes and sizes. Joulutorttu are pinwheel-shaped Finnish holiday cookies or little tarts that are traditionally filled with prunes or lingonberries. The vanillekipferl, or vanilla crescent, is a crescent-shaped cookie from Austria that is made with ground almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts, flavored with vanilla, and dusted with sugar.

Gingerbread cookies are our American signature during the holidays, but these holiday cookies from around the world will inspire you to try something new when baking with friends and family this year.

Kolaczki (Poland)

Around the holidays, people in Poland bake jam-filled cookies called kolaczki, which may be round, square, or diamond-shaped. Poland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic all claim to have invented this traditional treat.

Krumkake (Scandinavia)

Norwegian cone-shaped cookies called krumkake are made with a decorative two-sided griddle. They can be eaten plain or filled with whipped cream.

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