Beyond Cheerios: What's In The Cereal Bowl Around The World Slideshow


Breakfast cereal, for many, is the representation of childhood. Cereal as we know it is also a primarily Western — and, particularly, American — construction. Many breakfast cereals — the kind that come in boxes and are meant to be consumed with milk — have filtered to other countries from the United States in their original forms or with surprising variations. 


Think Corn Pops, but filled with honey. Miel Pops offer the kind of sweetness Honey Nut Cheerios lovers would appreciate. Even if that's not your beat, you have to admit it is a great idea.


On first glance, Vitalis Multifruct might not seem too different from American varieties with flakes of corn and dried fruit, but look closer and you'll notice that  it includes passion fruit. Pretty impressive for such a decidedly non-tropical place.


Perhaps Pepper & Spice Oats is not the breakfast cereal you had in mind. Savory oats, however, are becoming increasingly fashionable outside of India. Mark Bittman offers us a version with scallions and soy sauce


Kariot, a nougat-filled cereal, is a big hit in Israel, and a popular item at Cereal Killer Café. It is completely kosher and often missed by expats. 


More geared towards adults than kids, Cerera Coffee Beans cereal makes a great pick-me-up any time of the day. Cerera claims that they have health benefits, citing the antioxidants in coffee. 


Chocos Zucaritas with Marshmallows not only combines Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Pops, but throws Lucky Charms into the mix by adding star-shaped marshmallows. 

South Africa

Finally, Strawberry Pops: a cereal that values the taste of sweet strawberries so much that there is nothing else to interrupt its flavor. This is a popular breakfast in South Africa. 

South Korea

Oreo O's have been discontinued in America — much to the chagrin of the internet — but is freely available in South Korea for tourists and locals alike. 


Arluy Simpsons Mini look more like Goldfish than cereal because they come in little cartons. The Marge-shaped bite definitely tops the rest in terms of size and flavor. 

United Kingdom

We know Krave in the United States, but do we know it with caramel, hazelnuts, and milk chocolate? Each bite of Krave Choco Roulette is a sweet, sweet surprise.