Beyond Beer And Bratwurst: Culinary Travel To Austria And Switzerland

It seems that Western European countries in the colder climates tend to get a bad wrap when it comes to local cuisine. Tourists flock to restaurants that serve stereotypical food and drinks. Switzerland and Austria are no exception to that trend. Visitors who think they are experiencing the best of the nations' delights frequent beer gardens, bratwurst (or sausage) kiosks, and fondue joints in a misguided attempt to experience the cities like the native population.

And while tourists may enjoy such experiences, my recent two-week visit to four of the Best of The Alps ski resorts dining shed a new light on the dining scene in two of the most sought-after winter destination for those who love to head to the snow. :

Planning on making a visit to Austria and Switzerland to enjoy both the slopes and the culinary delights? Be sure to visit these nine eateries.

Restaurant Post Stub'n, St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria
What to order: deep-water prawns with garlic, shallots, and chili peppers

Galzig Verwallstube Arlberger, St. Anton, Austria
What to order: Austrian cream cheese dumplings with strawberry foam and coulis

Hospiz Alm, St. Christoph, Austria
What to order: cream of coconut, Tanddori chicken sesame stick

Aurelio Hotel, Lech, Austria:
What to order: green tomato and caviar soup

Hotel Pfefferkorn, Lech, Austria
What to order: après ski cocktails – Aperol spritzer (orange) and St. Germain spritzer

Hotel Carlton, St. Moritz, Switzerland
What to order: caviar and cream appetizer

La Marmite, St. Moritz, Switzerland
What to order: Black truffle pizza

Seehofstübli, Davos, Switzerland
What to order: lobster broth and cream

Hotel Steffani, St. Moritz, Switzerland
What to order: Swiss wine

Thank you to the outstanding team at Switzerland Tourism for their sponsorship, and to Austrian Tourism for the local help while visiting the Best of the Alps resorts. Please visit their websites for trip planning advice and "taste" for yourself!