Best Food Finds At European Christmas Markets (Slideshow)

Cheeses in Bratislava, Slovakia

Local cheese — both goat's milk and cow — are sold at the Christmas Market of Bratislava. They are often served in Slovakia as a dessert, with fruit and crackers.

Pig Roast in Bratislava, Slovakia

Pork is very popular in Slovakia and stands at the Bratislava Christmas Market roast various pig parts. Some of the stands will even cut them to order once they are cooked.

Bratkartoffel in Vienna, Austria

You can warm up from the winter chill at the Vienna Christmas Markets with freshly-made bratkartoffel (potato chips) and maroni (chestnuts), which are roasted as you watch. 

Giant Donuts in Vienna, Austria

The donuts in Vienna, Austria, are larger than you see at most donut shops and they are oozing with jelly, chocolate or cream filling.

Mozart Chocolates in Salzburg, Austria

The big attraction at the Salzburg Christmas Markets are Mozart's Chocolates in all difference shapes and sizes. The best are at Furth, a store downtown that also has booths in the markets.

Teas in Salzburg, Austria

Tea isn't just for the British in Europe. Austrians also love their tea and the Salzburg Christmas Markets are filled with all types of tea. 

Gingerbread in Bupdapest, Hungary

Gingerbread is popular in all the Christmas Markets of Europe, but you will find some of the best selection of decorated cookies in the markets of Budapest, Hungary.

Kenyérlángos in Bupdapest, Hungary

To make kenyérlángos, vendors in the Budapest Christmas Markets cook bread in an open oven and then top it with everything from cheese to sour cream.

Donuts in Pasau, Germany

Donuts are often sold at the European Christmas Markets. Like in the U.S., the donuts sold in Passau come in various shapes and sizes and some are filled.

Gluhwein in Pasau, Germany

The Gluhwein (mulled wine) is mixed with orange juice in the Passau Christmas Markets. People often sip the Gluhwein while eating the long bratwurst, which can be as big as half a meter.