Top 50 Things To Do In Florida That Aren't Disney (Or The Beach)

Believe it or not, there are 50 enjoyable activities within the huge state's borders that don't have anything to do with Disney. Florida gets downplayed more than almost any other state in terms of its entertainment options. People know of the worlds of wonder that open within Disney's walls. As for its beaches, visitors flock to Florida's coastal towns flushed with hopes of catching a pristine sunrise or smearing layers of tanning oil beneath the summer sun.

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PSA to all future visitors to Florida: Tanning oil is a poor choice. Florida's sun is brutally strong. But still, it's no coincidence Florida's industry for tourism booms during the winter. The sun shines throughout the winter season — so long as there's not a hurricane. In some areas of Florida, there are only a couple of weeks of actual wintertime, marked by a dull dip in temperature that only just grazes 50 degrees.

Undoubtedly, you should visit the beach while you're in Florida. The shores of this state are unlike any other beaches in the world. And if you get the chance, do go to Disney at least once in your lifetime. The park has some incredible entertainment and truly magical menus at its restaurants.

But those aren't the only things that make a visit to Florida worthwhile. The state has some wacky citizens, but its scenery cannot be beat. Elaborate gardens, impressive mansions, and a variety of other parks perfect for thrill seekers are within its beach-lined borders. Venture further than the shoreline to find these 50 worthwhile scenes and attractions.