Best Destinations For Whale Watching

Spring may have just begun, but many are taking the time now to plan summer destination vacations to escape the brutal heat that is typically felt from June through August. It's the perfect time to visit places with a cooler climate and catch the intriguing natural migration of several whale species as they head to colder waters to stock up on food.

Slideshow: Best Destinations for Whale Watching

Throughout the year you'll find pods of whales migrating from across the world to reach cooler or warmer waters for feeding and breeding, respectively. During the months between March and November, the most widely seen whales in the locations on our list are humpbacks, orcas, and sperm whales. 

If you visit places like Kaikoura, New Zealand, or Orkney in the Scottish Northern Isles, you'll find whales there year-round, but other places like Vancouver, British Columbia, and Juneau, Alaska, are best visited for sightings during the summer months and early fall. Check out the list below for other wonderful destinations where you can see these beautiful marine giants.