Berlin: Germany’s Hippest City for Food

Berlin: Germany’s Hippest City for Food

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Berlin is one of the world's hippest cities for food. 

Hipsters have their own food culture, and it’s become one of the most identifying characteristics of  hipster neighborhoods in cities around the world. 

Berlin, a hipster city, "is a burgeoning food city," says Joy C. Mitchell, who runs the travel blog

“There are a ton of hipsters and most food, even at sit-down restaurants, is fairly cheap compared to most big cities. When hipsters are not eating the city's famed döner kebabs or currywurst, they're usually looking for other ethnic foods or creative spins on traditional German food,” Mitchell says.

Despite the fact that there are some great spots like the upscale Parker Bowles, the mid-priced and addictive Vietnamese restaurant Monsieur Vuong, and the amazingly delicious (and cheap) hole-in-the-wall Nil's Sudanese Imbiss, the real heart of Berlin's food scene is in the street food markets, Mitchell says. This is where Berlin's hipster gourmand scene shines brightest and the Markthalle Neun Thursday night market is the sparkling jewel of the scene. It has everything to sate even the pickiest hipster palate, and it's a good-looking crowd. While eating from the different stands, you can travel around the world in one evening. From Brazilian tapioca to Korean-fusion kimchi burgers, Mexican tostadas, French cheese plates, and Spanish tapas, it's all there, and it's always packed.


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