Australian Food: 5 Don't-Miss Burger Spots In Perth

The Australian food scene is teeming with meat dishes, especially steaks, burgers, lamb, and sausages. Aussies always enjoy putting on a good barbie, but pubs meals are just as essential in the life of a True Blue. You'll find a good sampling of Australian food on pub menus across the country, especially in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Hobart.

In addition to the classic pub burger, all sorts of burger joints popped up around cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and even to the far off reaches of Perth.  

Among one of the best burger places in Perth is Flipside Burgers, a joint that is conveniently located next to wine distributors. Go for the chicken, avocado, and bacon burger.

Jus Burgers is another favorite, and has some pretty gourmet burgers (think Wagyu beef) topped with aioli, onion, and served on a Turkish bun.

It's hard to believe that you'd find a vegetarian in such a meat-loving country, but they are out there, and for those vegetarians that are in Perth, there is V Burger Bar. Go for the Mr. Pinky Burger, or a salmon burger using salmon all the way from Tasmania.

Another great burger spot to visit is Bilby's Chargrilled, which will definitely take you on a tour of the more outlandish burgers out there, including camel and croc, so bring your adventurous side.

Last, but not least, be sure to try Alfred's Kitchen, the first roadside burger place in Perth, which first opened in 1949 and had more than 40 burgers on the menu.