Australian Food: 5 Don't-Miss Burger Spots In Brisbane

There are many different meals that can be found across the board in the Australian food scene. Food in Australia is largely meat-dominated, though you will find that Aussies love to throw a couple of prawns (sorry, guys) on the barbie and cook up some fabulous Australian oysters as well.

Their more meat-loving side often goes for snags (sausages), steak, meat pies, lamb, and sometimes chicken. Yet burgers are also quite a popular Australian food. You can often find gourmet burgers as restaurants as well as on pub menus across the country, but their popularity has also paved the way for burger joints across the country in cities including Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and smaller towns.

In Brisbane, you're also likely to find many burger joints, as well as pubs and restaurants selling burgers, along with a variety of other popular food in Australia.

For some of the best burgers in Brisbane, head to The Laneway for their famous Wagyu chuck burger. The burger is topped with beetroot relish, caramelized onions, and pickles, all tucked inside a brioche bun.

Head to Robyn's Charcoal Chicken for a plain burger with cheese. The burger here is a no-frills affair: a simple patty with fresh lettuce, barbecue sauce, and a bit of cheese (if you wish, of course) perfectly melted on top.

Another spot to try is Da Burger, where you should go for the Bus Stop Burger, whose patty is topped with pickled gherkin, bacon, and some lettuce. A bit of mayo on the top and a light layer of housemade tomato relish on the bottom are some the burger's finishing touches.

Howzat City offers the popular Mexican Wave burger, which deviates just slightly from the norm. The Mexican Wave burger is made from slabs of crackle-crusted pork belly and is topped with chipotle mayo and coleslaw. 

Last, but not least, make sure to visit Miel Container, where you can design your own burgers with whatever dressings and additions you want.