9 Underwater Restaurants Worth the Dive

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No matter how breathtaking the atmosphere of a restaurant, serious food lovers only care if the food is good. Well, these nine restaurants — which are underwater, or at least surrounded by water in an aquarium setting, by the way — are certainly worthwhile, for the food and for the unforgettable surroundings.

9 Underwater Restaurants Well Worth the Dive (Slideshow)

Sure, there are plenty of “dining experiences” out there. You can enjoy rustic farm-to-table concepts, dine in the dark, and experience the thrill of being a part of a murder mystery — all while enjoying some filet mignon. But to eat underwater... how often do you get to do that? We searched near and far for the ultimate underwater restaurants that are worth the dive (literal or otherwise) — and maybe even a plane ride to get to a place to dive from.

While the Maldives leads the way with the number one tourist destination for underground restaurants, Dubai comes to a close second. For a truly interesting experience, you could go to one of the underwater restaurants in Dubai that we mention in this article, and then go to At.mosphere — where you can dine at 2,717 feet in the air. When in Dubai, right?

And, if making it to an underwater restaurant doesn’t seem possible anytime soon, there is plenty of beachside dining to be enjoyed around the world.

Al Mahara, Dubai

Photo Modified: Flickr / Sam valadiCC BY 4.0

Al Mahara, which means “the oyster shell” in Arabic, is a dining experience for all your senses. Located at the landmark Burj Al Arab Hotel, it boasts a floor-to-ceiling aquarium so you can watch a world of colorful sea life swimming alongside your table. Bonus: You’ve probably never had white sturgeon caviar… yet. If you’re going to splurge, do it here.

Aquarium Restaurant, Nashville

Photo Modified: Flickr / Cliff / CC BY 4.0


This underwater dining adventure at the Opry Mills Mall, one of four Aquarium Restaurants around the United States (the others are in Denver, Houston, and Kemah, Texas), is surrounded by a 200,000-gallon aquarium with over 100 different fish species that swim around you as you dine. The menu at the Aquarium Restaurant features favorites such as crispy calamari, Southern-fried fish, and even a New Orleans po’boy. Bonus: You’re above sea level!