9 Most Romantic Winter Vacations

Snow can be incredibly romantic, especially if you're away from home — white powder falling all around, collecting on the streets, frosting the trees as you explore a new city, hand in hand with the one you love. There's just something special about cuddling up in the cold — or maybe stopping along the way to hold hands as you glide around an ice rink —that adds up to a recipe for romance. (The holiday season of lights and cheery jingles may be over but this is the time of year when many couples get engaged.)

With that in mind, you might want to take your new spouse (or fiancée, perhaps?) on a romantic winter vacation before the season ends. Whether you end up snowbound by a fire in Québec City or strolling the storybook streets of Innsbruck, you'll have a wintry, dreamlike experience with your other half at any of the places on this list.