8 Unique McDonald’s Breakfasts Around the World (Slideshow)

What to expect on McDonald's Breakfast menus around the world, from vegetarian puff pastry to spicy chicken muffins with egg

Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta, Hong Kong

Macaroni is delicious. But what about macaroni in a soupy broth with chicken strips? For breakfast? A Hong Kong favorite, this breakfast served at McDonald’s is actually an adaption of a local dish, served at casual Cantonese restaurants and fast-food spots.

Veg Pizza McPuff, India

In a land where eating beef is generally against the primarily Hindu population’s beliefs, and even meat of any kind is sometimes forbidden, a puff pastry in the form of a vegetarian pizza pocket has taken shape.

Filet-O-Fish, Japan

While it might seem strange to the average American, it’s no surprise that the regular Filet-O-Fish is available for breakfast in Japan (as well as in many East Asian places including Hong Kong). In Japan, fish can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Pão Na Chapa and Pão De Queijo, Brazil

A slice or two of toast is a good start to the day, but McDonald’s in Brazil also serves a couple of varieties of bread à la carte, including the Pão Na Chapa, served with butter, and Pão De Queijo, with cheese.

Corn Sticks, Israel

In a recent effort to be healthy, McDonald’s around the world have started offering corn cups in place of fries or hash browns. The Israeli version takes the corn back to its crispy McDonald’s roots, deep-frying the corn sticks. The sticks are available on the Happy Meal breakfast menu.

McToast Shoko (Chocolate), Germany

Who says breakfast has to be savory? Add a bit of sweet flavor with a chocolate toast, served at McDonald’s in Germany. The toast is made of loose wheat pancakes, while the chocolate is chocolate in its most heavenly form — creamy milk chocolate.

Spicy Chicken Muffin with Egg, Egypt

The classic Sausage McMuffin with Egg gets an Egyptian twist, where chicken is popular and dominates the breakfast menu. The crisp chicken patties are lightly seasoned with herbs, and served with the usual egg and cheese, wrapped in an English muffin. For the mild-food lovers, there is also a "regular" Chicken Muffin with Egg available.

Sandwich with Norwegian Brown Cheese, Norway

From time to time, McDonald’s also has the propensity to be fancy, moving beyond traditional American Kraft cheese and serving an open-faced Norwegian sandwich with brunost, a traditional Norwgian cheese. Brunost is often produced by mixing of goast's and cow's milk, and the rich cheese gets its distinctive caramel flavor, brown color, and creamy texture from a slow simmering process that gradually caramelizes the milk sugars.