8 Times Wars Weirdly Started (Or Almost Started) Over Food

These conflicts give the term “food fight” a whole new meaning

What was their beef? (Or pork?)

War is hell. And although we'd probably all prefer to believe it is only used as a last resort, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes wars (or threats of war) arise for the silliest reasons, and food issues are among the most absurd offenders.

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That’s right: Believe it or not, disagreements over food have actually led to full-blown wars, or at least came close. If the parties involved were lucky, the disputes got resolved before any combat actually ensues, but this wasn’t always the case.


Keep this in mind the next time a major conflict pops up in the world. Despite how ridiculous we may view the reasoning behind the squabble, it probably isn’t nearly as bad as the issues in question here. And finally, as a disclaimer, we should mention that this article is not meant to be a political statement of any kind. It’s just — pardon the pun — food for thought.