8 Most Dangerous Food Allergies at a Kid's Party (Slideshow)

Be wary of serving kids with food allergies any of these typical party foods



The Reason: Milk
Being allergic to milk is not the same as being lactose intolerant. While a lactose intolerance will cause digestive issues, being allergic to cow’s milk means that you are likely allergic to the proteins found in milk. Milk’s curd contains most of these proteins (about 80 percent) and whey contains the other portion. If a child were to eat a cheese pizza, a common party food, their bodies would process the proteins from milk as invaders, kicking the body’s immune system into high gear and causing the outward allergic reaction. 

Birthday Cake


The Reason: Eggs
Whether you are baking from scratch or using a boxed mix, eggs are always involved in cake. Being allergic to eggs has to do with a bad reaction to the proteins in eggs. Specifically, most people have an issue with the proteins in the egg whites, but some do have problems with the yolk itself. Most kids develop this allergy early in life but typically outgrow it by the age of five years old.  This does not make it any less dangerous however if a child consumes eggs and they are allergic to them. 



The Reason: Eggs

Kids always go crazy for cookies, but in each heavenly bite, eggs are folded in. If a little one has an egg allergy, make sure you find a treat that is egg-free, such as shortbreads, for them to be able to enjoy!



The Reason: Peanuts
Unfortunately, peanut allergies are one of the most common and most deadly allergies to have. Children who eat peanuts and have the allergy could likely go into anaphylactic shock, an often deadly allergic reaction. Peanuts are also unfortunately in a lot of foods uncommonly associated with peanuts, so be sure to diligently read all of the labels for your party foods before putting them out for snacking.   



The Reason: Soy
Granted, soy is more commonly found in Asian cuisine, it can be found in a ton of canned and processed foods like crackers and typical party snacks. A soy allergy isn’t terribly common in kids and children with this allergy often grow out of it by age three, but a child who has it needs to be extremely careful of what they eat. 

Pasta Salads


The Reason: Wheat

Most people confuse a wheat allergy with a gluten allergy, but the truth is the two are not inextricably linked. A wheat allergy has to do with the proteins in wheat wreaking havoc on the immune system, a gluten allergy is linked to issues with the small intestine. If a child is allergic to wheat, they are likely allergic to other grains as well, so be careful about the crackers, pastas, and breads at the party.

Ice Cream


The Reason: Milk and Tree Nuts

While you’d probably expect that a milk allergy could cause a problem for serving ice cream, you’d probably never expect tree nuts to be a problem. If tree nuts (which are a separate allergy from peanuts) are blended in certain flavors of ice cream, it could cause a problem. Be sure to read the labels of all frozen treats just in case.

Barbecued Chicken


The Reason: Fish and Shellfish

Think you are keeping kids safe with grilled barbecue chicken? Think again! A fish product is often found in barbecue sauces that could cause an allergic reaction. The most common types of fish people are allergic too are salmon, tuna, and halibut. Shellfish is equally as concerning, but is a separate allergy from a plain fish allergy. Having one does not mean that you necessarily have the other. 


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