7 Unique McDonald's Happy Meals From Around The World Slideshow

McDonald's introduced the Pizzarotto, a mini-calzone filled with tomato and mozzarella, earlier this year. Surrounded by authentic Italian pizza, it was pretty bold for the American-based company to try to compete with its own calzone, but it is a nice alternative to a hamburger.

2. Veggie Surprise, Bahrain

The veggie surprise remains a secret on Bahrain's menu. It's uncertain what exactly is inside this veggie surprise pattie other than a mix of vegetables, but that is for the eight-year-old eating it to find out. Other than that, Bahrain's Happy Meal menu remains the same with McDonald's World Famous Fries and a drink.

3. Corn Sticks, Israel

On Israel's Happy Meal breakfast menu, kids can indulge in six corn sticks with carrot munchies. They're a polenta-like base that's then fried. Breakfast of champions.

4. Tavuklu Buger, Turkey

The Tavuklu burger is basically a chicken burger with a special sauce that the Turkish McDonald's added to appeal to local tastes.

5. Pork Burger, Thailand

You don't normally think of pork when it comes to McDonald's, but Thailand offers a child-size pork burger with apple wedges. 

6. Spicy Chicken Burger, Pakistan

To change things up for this market, the Pakistan McDonald's took the chicken burger and added a spicy sauce with crispy shredded lettuce. 

7. Croque McDo, France

The Croque McDo on the Happy Meal has melted Swiss cheese and ham pressed between two English muffins. It's a simple, classic ham and cheese sandwich that's also a French café classic. Instead of fries, cherry tomatoes or melon are offered. No wonder the French are generally so skinny.