6 French Frozen Foods We Need in America

Trader Joe’s needs to up its game

Picard is France's largest frozen food retailer.

Don’t get us wrong: We hate the fact that so many classic French bistros are serving their customers frozen food. Food in restaurants should always be made at that restaurant.

However, there is a place for frozen food in France: the kitchens of locals and visitors. Contrary to what many imagine, the French aren’t all kitchen gods and goddesses who can whip up beef bourguignon from scratch and spend hours dining with friends over wine on any given night. They have jobs and busy lives, too! That’s when frozen foods come to save the day.

Luckily for the French, their frozen food is a cut above that of the rest of the world.

We perused the website of French frozen food giant Picard and selected six options that are stylish, delicious, and deceptively non-labor intensive. 

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Originally published April 28, 2015.