6 Cutting-Edge 'China 2020' Menu Items (Slideshow)


"7 Stars Around the Moon" features eight small and delectable dishes with luxurious ingredients, including lobster, foie gras, king crab, and sea urchin.


Diners must break open a block of salt to reveal a box hiding their entrée — a roast duck with water chestnuts, shitake mushrooms and Chinese wine.


Guests put their dinner in the hands of fate by rolling a dice to see which of six sauces will be served with decadent Omi beef.


Diners will create their own cocktail with the choice of of gin, melon liqueur, aloe vera, guava, passion fruit, and basil seeds infused with mint; or vodka, Blue Curacao, pepper-cinnamon, pink grapefruit, pineapple, and vanilla.


This cocktail mixes pinot noir, gin, cognac, macerated dried fruits, and soda.


Resembling an old bottle of milk, this innovative cocktail is almost like a dessert, with homemade Advocaat, vanilla, cinnamon, Chivas, lemonade, rose jelly, and jasmine marshmallows.