5 Ways to Get a Ride Home for Thanksgiving

Here is The Daily Meal’s guide to getting a ride home this Thanksgiving

 Cookies are the best way into anyone’s car.

We’ve all been there before. Whether you’re a student in university or you’re living in a big city where you don’t have a car, you can feel the pressure build when you try to plan out the logistics of getting home for Thanksgiving. Should you hitchhike? Your parents would most likely suggest otherwise — depending on how badly they want you to come home, of course — and it probably isn’t the best idea… unless you’re hitchhiking on a plane, that is.

Here is The Daily Meal’s guide on how to get a ride home this Thanksgiving.

Butter Up a Friend

Have a friend from back home living in or near the same city as you? Fantastic! Tell your friend you’ve long been waiting for an epic road trip together, you’ve got a killer playlist already assembled, and you’ve got cookies. Cookies are the best way into anyone’s car.


You know those 2,000-plus friends you have on Facebook, most of whom you don’t know or probably haven’t spoken to for the better part of 10 years? Post a lovely status pleading for a ride home, incorporate something like, “Will bake cookies for the ride” (see above reasoning), and you’ll be as golden as the chocolate chip cookies you plan to make.

Uber It

Of course if that Bat Mobile isn't available to rent out. Just kidding. But seriously, Thanksgiving is worth every penny, right?

Buy a Greyhound ticket

Okay, so Uber may not be feasible for most of us, but you can always rely on that trusty Greyhound to get you to where you want to go. Just remember: under-snack this time around. Try not to buy (and eat) a week’s supply of food for the road, or else you’ll be one full turkey come Thanksgiving dinner.

Hitchhike on a Plane

What, you’ve never heard of hitchhiking a plane before? You’re so 2013.