5 Thoughts Everyone Has While Eating Airplane Food

You know you had these thoughts on your last transatlantic flight
Airplane Food

Here are some thoughts everyone has while eating airplane food.

Airplane food is an oft-cited conundrum for frequent travelers. Although some luxury airlines are changing the stereotype with carefully crafted cuisine, most of us still have to endure the typical meat, salad, bread roll, and tiny dessert. It conjures up memories of school cafeteria food, except for the fact that those meals were sometimes fresh. So why is airplane food so terrible? According to the Telegraph, it’s because our taste buds don’t work properly at high altitudes. Our nasal passages are dried out in the low humidity, and our taste buds are desensitized by the air pressure. The other problem is time, money, and the effort required to execute tasty food on board a flight. But whatever the logistical problems, the general consensus remains: Airplane food isn’t very appetizing, and that characteristic probably won’t change anytime soon — unless you’re flying first class, that is, or a guest on a luxury airline. Here are five thoughts everyone has while eating airplane food.

How long has this been sitting in this package?

Who even made this? A machine or a human?

What effect will this have on me later? I wish airplane bathrooms weren’t so tiny.

Why is this tray so small? This is for adult use, not five-year-old use, right?


Why does alcohol cost extra? I need help getting through this “culinary” experience.