5 Tastes of Portland, Oregon Slideshow

This city has one of the country’s most creative food and beverage scenes

Chicken Wings

These aren’t just any chicken wings. These are Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings from Pok Pok. The Andy Ricker creation uses a caramelized fish sauce over the deep-fried spice wings. They are so good that they inspired a whole restaurant in New York City. If that doesn’t convince you these are a must have in Portland, what will?

Foie Gras Bon-Bons

Don’t let the fancy-sounding name stop you from trying a favorite on Beast’s menu. The Foie Gras Bon-Bon lets guests experience this delicacy in a different way than many normally would. It is buttery and topped with a delicate square of sauternes geleé.  

Beef Cheek Bourguignon

LePigeon is a classic Portland restaurant if you’re looking for a nice night out. The beef cheek bourguignon is a good choice from the menu because it is one of many iconic dishes. Chef Gabriel Rucker puts his own twist on the French classic beef bourguignon by making the dish very simply, with only a few vegetables and potatoes to accompany the cheeks. 

Pork Belly Cubano

The Pork Belly Cubano from Bunk Sandwiches is another Portland favorite that is a must-try for any visitor — or any local who hasn’t had the chance yet, for that matter. It is a ham and cheese sandwich with smoky, fatty pork belly in between the ham and Swiss cheese. What’s not to like?


What is that, you ask? This is just one example of the unique dishes that Tasty n Sons has highlighted on their menu in Portland. Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern stew that is made with baked eggs and poached tomatoes, is on the brunch menu, even though stew might not be the first thing you might expect for a morning meal. As is the case with many culinary inventions in this city, it’s worth stepping out of our comfort zone for a bite.