Hong Kong Thanksgiving

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5 Restaurants to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

These places know how to get their turkey on.
Hong Kong Thanksgiving

Flickr / icoNYCa / CC BY 4.0

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong at these five venues.


Let’s face it - November isn’t really a big deal in Hong Kong. While Asia has cheerfully adapted quite a few holidays and customs from the West, Thanksgiving just isn’t one of them. (It’s probably why no one bats an eye at Christmas decorations being pulled out after Halloween.) But they don’t know what they’re missing.

The glory of a too-massive bird, stuffing yourself full of, well, stuffing, even the simple pleasure of drowning your plate in gravy -- these are the things that make American Thanksgiving great. Without them, November loses its special shine. Without them, we’re forced to move onto holiday shopping much too early. So, to help stave off Christmas carols, here are five restaurants who understand that craving for pumpkin pie.

Mandarin Grill + Bar, Central (November 26)

For one night and one night only, you too can have Thanksgiving dinner at the Mandarin Grill + Bar in Central. This four-course meal is sure to leave you stuffed and your wallet 1,688 HKD (a little over 217 USD) lighter (plus a 10 percent service charge.) This Michelin-starred restaurant will give you a Thanksgiving to remember, but go ahead and tell Grandma her turkey is better anyways. It’ll make her happy.

Restoration, Central (November 25-29)

The only thing better than a Thanksgiving dinner buffet is one that lasts for a week. This New Orleans-inspired “soul kitchen” is offering fried turkey, jalapeno cornbread stuffing, three types of pie, and more -- all served family-style, all you can eat. Now that’s what I call the spirit of Thanksgiving.

K-Town Bar & Grill, Kennedy Town (November 26)

K-Town Bar & Grill is where you go when you’re missing the classics of Thanksgiving -- candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and, the star of the show, a maple orange-glazed rosemary turkey. For just 350 HKD (a little over 45 USD), this three-course feast will remind you of home.

Red Bar + Restaurant, IFC Mall (November 24-28)

Want to start Thanksgiving early? (We do, too.) Head over to this eatery in the IFC Mall for a gorgeous Victoria harbor view while you dine. In case you’re getting tired of turkey, Red also offers main courses like roast beef with Yorkshire pudding or pan-seared barramundi with fresh clams. We hope you brought a friend -- we’d be hard-pressed to choose between the classic pumpkin pie or the banana with mango filo roll and mango ice cream.

Whisk, Tsim Sha Tsui (November 26-28)


If Thanksgiving is all about the food, the Mira Hotel is where you want to be. Whisk offers a full six-course meal, starting with fresh oysters with a seaweed cracker and ending with pumpkin pie with toasted marshmallows. In between, you can try everything from cinnamon-infused butternut squash soup to mustard-rubbed roasted prawns. Why choose between quality and quantity when you can have the best of both worlds? Happy feasting!