Fish and Chips

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5 Reasons British Fast Food Is Better Than American Fast Food

Book a flight across the pond just for these fast food treats

British fast food is basically a wonderland full of bread and meat.

They’ve got it all, and where American fast food chains keep trying to switch it up with things like the Burger King Halloween Whopper® and Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, the British are sticking to classic, tried-and-true fast food staples.

Battered Sausages

British people claim they’re much better than corn dogs because they have better meat content and better frying batter.

Chips (and Sauce)

British chips are fried pieces of potatoes that are often chunkier than American fries. They're sometimes accompanied by fish and can be served with any number of sauces, like curry sauce, cheese, gravy, or “chippy sauce,” a brown sauce often used liberally.

Late-Night Kebabs

Kind of like the Greek gyro, the Turkish doner kebab, and the Middle East’s shawarma, this popular drunk snack consists of meat wrapped inside bread. They’re also often drenched in garlic sauce.


Chicken, breadcrumbs, and hot cheese? Yes, please. They're like chicken parmesan, but they taste better there, we're sure.


Pasties are meat baked inside a pastry, and the options are vast. You can choose steak, pork, chicken, vegetarian, or lamb and mint.

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