5 International Food Artists to Follow on Instagram

Get inspired by their creative ways of making food tell a story

Melicacy, an artist from Singapore, arranges her dishes in striking ways.

An easy way to make your day slightly better is to scroll through your Instagram feed and see dolphins on a plate; look closer and you’ll realize they are actually eggplants. You can try your hand at food art, starting with doodles and sliced fruit, but follow these expert Instagrammers first for tips, tricks, and inspiration.  The fact that these artists hail from all over the world proves that food really does have an amazing way of bringing everyone together — especially if it’s cute.

Food art can mean a lot of things, from beautiful food tattoos to modernist food photography, and even to the colorful food art of Lisa Frank. But in this case we are referring to people who play around with the items on their plate — in a way that is infinitely cooler than our mashed potato sculptures. Who knew there were so many ways to make scallions tell a story?


Daryna Kossar is a visual artist and designer from the Ukraine. She has made portraits of Gordon Ramsay out of peppercorn, and has a particular fondness for designing food art that looks like international landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa.


Ben Filiz is from Turkey. He loves to use colored plates as his canvas, and is particularly good at creating people, animals, and flowers. He’s made a tree from carrots and cucumbers, a mermaid from kiwi and dried apricot, and a princess with lunch meat.


Ida Frosk is a Norwegian artist based in Berlin. We wish we got some of her marzipan pigs for Christmas. She’s made elephants out of waffles, a Lufthansa jet out of pancakes, and a brontosaurus out of bananas; breakfasts that are too cute to eat.


Melicacy, an artist from Singapore, doesn’t make figures out of her food. She simply arranges her dishes in such striking ways, and knows exactly what dishes visually complement one another. It helps that most of her food is delicious Singaporean fare.


Samantha Lee is a Malaysian mom who makes healthy food look super delicious to kids — a rare feat. She made Mike, the green, one-eyed monster from Monsters Inc., out of split pea soup, and Cruella de Vil out of cauliflower, green beans, and nori.



This post was originally published on March 14, 2015