5 Great Kangaroo Dishes In Sydney

Australian food comprises many meat dishes, yet seafood dishes — especially oysters — are very popular in Sydney. Among the more common meat dishes you will find in the Australian food scene are lamb and steak as well as more unique dishes like kangaroo. Yes, that's right — kangaroo is a very popular type of Australian food. Kangaroo is as commonplace in Australian food as chicken, steak, or lamb, and it can be found in supermarkets as well as in restaurants across the country.

One of the most popular ways to eat kangaroo is grilled, just like you would a grill steak, and for a tasty example of this you can visit the Clovelly Hotel in Clovelly a popular pub-style eatery with beautiful views of the beaches. It's also common for Australians to buy a kangaroo sausage and grill it on the barbie. There are also kangaroo burgers available at many restaurants in Australia.

You will find that you can eat raw kangaroo, or kangaroo carpaccio, at many restaurants if you wish to try something really special. Try raw kangaroo at Kinglsey's Steakhouse if you want the best example.

If these options seem too adventurous, try getting pizza topped with bits of kangaroo meat. In Australia, you will find that many pizzerias offer kangaroo pizza, and you can still get the flavors of the meat without having a whole filet or burger of it. For a great kangaroo pizza, you can visit The Australian Hotel in the Rocks, a historic area in Sydney.