5 Edible Souvenirs From Paris

Bring back a taste of Paris with one of these edible souvenirs

Chocolate From Choco-Story : Le Musée Gourmand du Chocolat

In the center of Paris, on the Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, is a well-kept Parisian secret, Le the chocolate museum. Visitors do everything from stirring the chocolate to pouring it in the molds to learning about the cocoa bean (all while wearing a fancy white chef hat), and leave the museum perfectly satisfied, a bag of complimentary chocolate in one hand and a gift from the gift shop in the other. We recommend the chocolate roses sold in the gift shop as well as the rich and delectable hot chocolate. The former may be used as a souvenir while the latter is best served as a personal reward.  

La Chambre aux Confitures

In the Marais neighborhood is a confiture and miel shop (jam and honey) called . Although one can easily find jam and honey in a variety of locations sells very refined and delicate delicacies. From apricot and pineapple to raspberry with a hint of rose petal, the assortment of jams is mind-blowing and, if you're in a rush, it's possible to become overwhelmed. With an extremely helpful member of the staff on duty at all times, every visitor is offered unlimited samples… ! If that doesn’t convince you, the pretty brown paper gift wrap may sway you in the right direction! One last hint: Try the mint-infused jams — you won’t regret it!



Any respectable food store in Paris will sell wine (even the not-so-respectable ones, actually). If you are looking to surprise a loved one with a delicious French wine, go with bordeaux. Or if your particular loved one has more of a sweet tooth, there are many fruit-infused wines (such as grapefruit) sold for fairly cheap in every . There are some regulations regarding transporting alcohol in airplanes, however, because wine has an alcohol content of less than 24 percent, you should have no trouble checking it. Just remember: pack glass bottles safely in your clothing!


Le fromage… need we say more ? Go to a market in the early morning (in Paris "early morning" can mean 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.) and get yourself a nice block of Camembert or Comté. The only problem with bringing cheese back for your loved ones is the refrigeration aspect. You may want to invest in a thermal bag in order to keep the cheese refrigerated over the course of the flight. 


A macarons is the classic pastry of Paris. The macaron will delight your senses and make the recipient of this gift especially jealous of your adventures in the European capital. You can get good macarons in any patisserie in Paris, but if you want to bring home the pastry in a brand-name plastic bag, head over to Ladurée, where you’ll find a large variety of options. Just be careful that you buy them at most a day or two before your flight (macarons don’t taste good stale).