5 Celebs Weird Commercials Abroad

There is a good chance these celebs might have some serious regret when it comes to these foreign TV ads

Take a look at these five commercials.

We know Arnold as one of Hollywood’s most intense action heroes (Jingle All the Way, anyone?) as well as the former governor of California. But in Japan, he wears a couple of other hats, including one that has him endorsing a cup of noodles. In the commercial, Arnold is seen walking down a deserted road carrying a car on his shoulder when he stops to replenish with a Cup of Noodles before continuing the journey ahead.

Tough guy Sylvester Stallone made an appearance in an ad for Russian vodka. Stallone proclaims his Russian heritage and makes a statement by saying that he craves the finer things in life, which is where the vodka comes in.

This one might just be as wacky as they come. The beautiful Cindy Crawford channels her inner Zelda and practices some of her sword fighting, but stops to take a break and drink some Pocari Sweat with some creepy little sidekicks in an ad for Pocari that appeared in Japan.

The golden girl Jennifer Anniston played her part in an overseas ad for Heineken in the Netherlands in which she uses her charm and beauty (not her Dutch) to have a guy grab her an out-of-reach Heineken on a supermarket shelf… which he decides not to give to her anyway.

And then there was that commercial in France when Nicole Kidman was at an Indian wedding that took place in an exotic castle somewhere.  She beautifully pranced through the castle, a young Indian girl in tow for reasons we aren’t sure of, before she dashes away to a handsome man that she is about to kiss… but then needs to stop and grab a sip of Schweppes.